Monday, March 22, 2021

Customer Case Study: redONE re-imagining mobile plan subscription experience with e-KYC powered customer self-service registration

Client: redONE Network Sdn Bhd
Project: redONE Online

Multi-channel e-KYC
3 months from canvas to deployment

redONE is the first postpaid Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in Malaysia. redONE was established in 2012, and it achieved the milestone of 1 million postpaid subscribers in 2018. A large part of its success is attributed to the unique and hyper-local sales agent and advisor network. Innov8tif has been serving redONE as a technology partner since 2014, by enabling redONE’s sales agents with a paperless mobile sales platform. The entire process from customer identity verification to confirmation and activation of mobile plan subscription, is done over-the-air in real-time from the agent's mobile tablet.

When the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak hit Malaysia with a nationwide lockdown, many businesses were experiencing a big impact on business model continuity. redONE was not an exception as the value proposition of face-to-face agent-customer relationship was going through testing moments. Great products to offer, strong network of sales representatives, but the non-face-to-face customer ID verification was a missing puzzle. 

By implementing Innov8tif’s AI-based e-KYC (electronic know-your-customer) technology, it complements the offline-to-online strategy, offering a multi-channel and self-service customer registration experience. A simple gesture of QR code scanning is all it takes for a customer to be led to some guided steps, from capturing identity document image to verifying selfie photo. The entire subscription registration and activation process remains as paperless as it could be. 

“We have established a trusted relationship with Innov8tif over the years, starting from the days when Innov8tif helped us to digitise our sales channel. And now moving forward to new customer-facing channels when our business continues to grow and adapt to the evolving landscape, we know that Innov8tif always has our back,” Farid Yunus, Group CEO of redONE Network Sdn Bhd.

Why redONE chose Innov8tif:

Capability to support self-service e-KYC without mandatory mobile app installation
Compliance with regulator’s ID verification requirements
Win-win commercial model

Link to redONE Online registration demo video
Click on the thumbnail to access demo video

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