Sunday, May 10, 2020

Digital Health Declaration to Promote Safer Workplace

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has just announced that CMCO (conditional movement control order) is extended to June 9. And it is generally believed that, the Covid-19 pandemic will not end anytime soon, not even in the next 12 months. While Malaysians are now experiencing some relaxations in movement control, provisions in CMCO does not mean return to normal life.

Contact tracing is one of the crucial SOPs to be adopted by businesses. This means that, Malaysia's residents will be asked to register personal contact information when visiting any premise. The Selangor State government has rolled out SElangkah Initiative, which aims at facilitating the registration of individuals entering any premises in the state to protect the business operators and customers during the implementation of the CMCO.

A number of business premises I have visited in the past few days were still relying on paper logbook for visitor registration. Which led me to the following concerns:
  1. Sharing of writing instrument when physical contact is supposed to be minimised. 
  2. Some of the logbooks were even asking for IC (identification card) number, which in my opinion, is a potential infringement of personal data protection practices.
  3. Illegible handwriting, which defeats the purpose of contact tracing. And I am guilty for this. 
In March, during the second week of Covid-19 lockdown, Innov8tif rolled out a digital version of health declaration form for business offices, production plants and logistics warehouses to adopt best practice in contact tracing. 

It's built on Joget's Travel Advisory Tracking app, coupled with Innov8tif eKYC product to enable self-scanning of visitor's name and address from personal identity document using smartphone without requiring any app installation. This ensures better compliance with personal data protection rules, as well as to promote effective real-time contact tracing when such need arises as all data are electronically stored.

From user experience perspective, only the following steps are required. And this form filling process can also be done with compliance to social distancing requirement.
  1. Scans a QR code using personal smartphone
  2. Take a photo of identity document (e.g. Malaysian's MyKad, driving license)
  3. Full name and address will be automatically filled into a form opened in mobile browser
  4. Continue to answer some simple questions related to your appointment and health condition. Voila!
We have already helped a number of businesses who care for their employees to promote safer workplace through Digital Health Declaration form. Ferco Seating Systems, the local champion who manufactured public seating for Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, Arsenal FC and some national stadiums worldwide, is a workplace already equipped with this digital facility.

Innov8tif is running a 2-month Free Usage campaign. Grab it here! Together, let's get our business premises ready for business continuity while preparing for a long fight with the virus threat. 

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