Friday, February 23, 2018

What's Behind Yoodo App's Customer Onboarding?

Back in year 2014, when we helped redONE to develop and launch the Paperless Registration App for sales partners, redONE was the first telco in Malaysia to have realised a truly branchless customer onboarding journey with their 10,000 sales partners — enabling sales channels to operate without the limit of physical branches by embracing enterprise mobility.

Since then, customer onboarding trend has been quick to embrace AI (artificial intelligence) technology that is progressing at exponential speed; especially the maturity of deep-learning based computer vision. In today's context, the digitization roadmap of digital customer onboarding isn't just limited to mobility of sales advisors, but the customer self-service onboarding journey.

There's a growing segment of customers who are perfectly comfortable with mobile e-commerce, ride hailing app and online food ordering. This is the customer group who studies a product and reviews through online resources before deciding to sign-up for a product or service. They don't need any more sales pitch. They prefer to sign-up and onboard to a product from the comfort of their home or workplace.

We are excited to lead and witness the progression in customer self-service onboarding. Yoodo — a new digital telco owned by Celcom, is the first mobile network operator in Malaysia to fully embrace facial recognition tech in customer onboarding! Powered by EMAS eKYC, Yoodo enables a new customer to activate a SIM pack by:

  1. scanning his/her own ID (Malaysian's MyKad or passport), and 
  2. performing real-time facial recognition using Yoodo's mobile app 

From the process of SIM pack ordering, activating it, and completing ID verification, there isn't any traditional sales touchpoint involved in the customer journey.

EMAS eKYC is a solution designed to assist banks, telcos, financial services and insurance companies in remote customer ID verification through digital channels, and to enable the digital version of KYC (know your customer) process.

Digital ID verification will soon become even more crucial for the establishment of National Addressing Database.

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