Monday, January 8, 2018

CSR Contributed by Team Member's Success

Our Director of Strategic Business, Mr. Tan, has coined an interesting idea for how we will be doing social contribution through donations. For every success identified to an individual team member in 2017, the Company will be contributing a sum of money.

Collectively, 20 successes were identified with staff recognitions. What made it more interesting, is Tan's association of some successes to recognise staff's personal achievement, not entirely work related. For example, we have a few foreign talent colleagues who originated from countries with ongoing armed conflicts. The mental distress of these colleagues, and the challenges they have been through to finally settled down in Malaysia - a peaceful land, with their beloved family members, is undeniably a big personal achievement. Besides, we also have a single-mother colleague as part of our growing team. If making a living with 2 income sources (from working husband-and-wife) to support dependent in metropolitan city is challenging, could you imagine the challenges on a single-mom?

A small donation was contributed to Malaysian Association for The Welfare of Mentally Challenged Children. From, The Avengers.

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