Saturday, November 11, 2017

Innov8tif Participates in SAS FinTech Challenge 2017-18 as Sandbox Technology Provider

Innov8tif is pleased to announce our participation in SAS FinTech Challenge 2017-18, as a technology provider in the technology sandbox. The sandbox stack comprises:

SAS, the world's largest privately held software company, is the primary organizer of SAS FinTech Challenge ("The Challenge") - a competition to encourage students and academics in Malaysia to contribute ideas and develop innovative solutions to enhance the banking experience and solve organizational business pain points. The Challenge is supported by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation, and five mentoring banks:
  1. CIMB Bank
  2. Hong Leong Bank
  3. Maybank
  4. Public Bank
  5. RHB Bank
These five banks, are Malaysia's top five largest banks by assets. Fintech related competition, challenge or hackathon is nothing new in Southeast Asia; but, a challenge that attracted five large commercial banks into the same platform, is unseen before. Innov8tif is as excited with our participation in The Challenge, if not more, as the organizer and other participating institutions.

Throughout our participation in The Challenge as sandbox technology provider, Innov8tif is committed to provide instructor-led workshops to the shortlisted teams, on:
  • Joget Workflow hands-on knowledge to develop low-code workflow that automates domain specific processes in any digital transformation initiative, and
  • creative usage of Innov8tif's eKYC components to support real-time ID capture in blazing fast speed with OkayID and automation of facial sighting process with OkayFace.
As an industry player in the fintech solution provider space, Innov8tif aims to bring awareness on the new evolution in low-code and computer vision technologies, to the bright undergraduates who will soon join the workforce - and probably continue to contribute in fintech ecosystem too.