Friday, September 29, 2017

Joget Workflow v6 Exclusive Preview held in Malaysia with Overwhelming Interest

Joget, Inc. R&D team has been working on - the best ever Joget Workflow major product upgrade, for about 2 years now. I am personally extremely excited with what Joget Workflow v6 has to offer. It is realising a true low-code RAD (rapid application development) platform.

Today, Joget Lab Malaysia hosted a seminar in Klang Valley Malaysia for the preview of Joget Workflow v6 new features. Joget v6 will have a dual pronged focus: User Experience (UX), and App Maintainability & Performance.

User Experience (UX)

  • Enhanced App User Experience for Desktop and Mobile
  • Customizable App Center
  • Dashboard Capabilities
  • Unobtrusive Admin and Design Interface
  • Design Apps Anytime, Anywhere with Support for Touch Devices
  • Excel-Like Functionality With the Spreadsheet Element
  • Improved User Experience with AJAX Support in Multi-Paged Forms

App Maintainability and Performance

  • Enhanced Configuration Options for Codeless Apps
  • Improved Performance with Userview Caching
  • Database Connection Monitoring and Leak Detection
  • Improved JSON Tool for Integration
  • Simpler Email Configuration with Platform-Wide Settings
  • Enhanced Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We are glad to have Mr. Hugo - the Joget's VP of Technical Consultancy, to walkthrough with us the above described new features in live demo. Nothing beats a live demo! 

Joining us earlier today, are the active enterprise customers of Joget Workflow in Malaysia, as well as network of  Accredited Partners.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page updates. A video that demonstrates v6 new features will soon be published by Joget, Inc. And Joget Workflow v6 is scheduled to be released in Q4-2017, upon full compliance with HP Fortify source code security scan. The best is coming! #waitforit

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